Canmark Technologies can design and implement a process to meet your data acquisition needs in the fastest and most cost-effective ways possible. Not only will we work with you on the layout, we will also incorporate your desired artwork or logo, colors and materials in order to design the most appealing instrument. We will work closely with your printer, or we will use ours, coordinating with you each step of the way.

Comment Cards / Suggestion Forms / Feedback Forms
A simple invitation provides an opportunity for your stakeholders to provide their subjective assessment of your product or service delivery. This process can identify issues and trends before they impact your bottom line.

Engaging your stakeholders also lets them know that they have a voice in the transaction or relationship.

Typical areas where Canmark can provide you with a custom feedback solution include:
  Employee Engagement
  Loyalty Programs
  Continuing Education
  Charitable Events
  Community Services
  Member Services
  Special Events
  Professional Services

Tracking Studies
A survey or feedback program conducted over time will allow you to track key attributes of your business or program. Ongoing trend analysis gives you important information to fine-tune your processes.
  Competitive Assessment
  Training Programs
  Change in Business Model
  Environmental Changes
  Student Performance

Satisfaction Surveys
No matter what your line of business, measuring and monitoring the satisfaction of your customer or client group will allow you to provide the best possible service and build sales and customer loyalty.
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