Q: Who are the Canmark project managers?
A: Canmark project managers are highly trained technical experts, fully capable of stepping into additional roles within a project. We feel that the people with the skills to do the work are the most capable when it comes to managing the work….and we have been proven right time and time again.
Q: How can Canmark take projects to market so quickly?
A: Since all of our people are cross-trained in various technologies, we are able to take advantage of a lot of parallel workflows. The project manager for Project A is also quite likely to be an individual contributor on Projects B and C.
Q: How did you develop your proprietary technologies?
A: When we see that a need exists, whether it is in software design, hardware capability, or firmware limitations, we ask ourselves: Is there any reason we cannot do this better? And go from there.
Q: Will the scanning be able to read handwriting in my open ended questions?
A: Our proprietary scanning software does not "read" actual handwriting. Since the beginning, Canmark has always focused on delivering accurate capture of open-ends. Following our scanning process handwriting is captured as images. These images can be made available directly in PDF format organized in many useful ways, coded according to a coding scheme established through consultations with the client, or keyed in verbatim.
Q: How large a volume do I need to make scanning economical?
A: Usually, quantities starting at 2,000 make scanning economical. This minimum is actually due to the set up costs for each new survey we process. However, smaller return volumes for complex, data-intensive surveys that would be difficult to enter manually may also warrant scanning. Our clients are often surprised how inexpensive our scanning services are relative to other methods. This is due to advances in automation.
Q: How fast can you turn around my survey forms?
A: We can turn around the data on many projects within a week or two, depending on the project requirements and volume of surveys involved. After reviewing your needs, we will be pleased to provide you a firm delivery date.
Q: Do I need to use special forms or paper to facilitate the scanning?
A: Although you do not need any special forms, we require either corner marks or a frame on each page to Canmark's specifications. To avoid incurring any extra work or cost on your part, Canmark should be contacted prior to the design of your survey. We also recommend 60 lb. to 80 lb. non-textured offset stock for most surveys. Other stock types are workable - just ask us.
Q: In what formats can you supply the data?
A: Data is supplied as an ASCII file, or SPSS system file. We also supply indexed CD-ROM's for entire surveys or for image files of the open-ends. Other formats are available.
Q: What format of survey do you process? Boxes or Bubbles?
A: We process check marks in rectangular boxes which we suggest be about twice as wide as they are high. The reason for this is that a wide rectangle presents an easier “target” for the respondent when marking the form. This reduces or eliminates the need for special instructions or manual review of forms prior to scanning and results in improved accuracy. We do not process the so-called "bubble" format which we feel places an undue burden on any but the most motivated of respondents.
Q: Do you handle the mail-outs and business reply mail?
A: Yes. We can laser personalize your survey, fold it, add other mail-out components and deliver it to the post office in Buffalo, New York or Toronto, Ontario. Canmark can also arrange any offset printing requirements. Business reply mail boxes are set up in either USA or Canada with daily service.
Q: Can you do cross-tabs and other reports?
A: Cross tabs and custom reporting can range from simple to complex and a range of formats are offered. Let us know your requirements.
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