Canmark provides non-stop support for your project through use of dedicated project managers offering single point-of-contact (at your convenience) for all your survey needs.

In addition to your dedicated project manager (the primary), there will be a supporting project manager (secondary) who will be just as familiar with your project goals and needs, your data and other requirements.

The coders and analysts on your project team will develop such an affinity for your project data structures, flow, and business rules that it is like having another quality control process in place!

In addition, the Canmark Technologies company officers have never stopped managing projects. You can count on a Canmark Principal to know the project requirements almost as well as your dedicated project manager. Just ask to speak to the president or COO to gauge their involvement.

For large scale projects, it is our practice to have a Canmark Principal as the primary project manager throughout design and development, launch, business rules development phase and first complete reporting cycle.
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