Canmark has led the way in multi-channel survey instrument development, offering multiple distribution options and multiple return options in a single integrated survey program.

Based on your needs, some of the features that Canmark can provide in your survey include:

Online Access

Single-use log-in: This is used to insure that the only one survey can be submitted from an assigned user ID.

Secure user IDs: Canmark survey IDs are mathematically generated so that they cannot be readily duplicated. The user input ID must match a valid ID on the server before survey access is granted.

Additional security gateways can be provided where necessary.

Respondent tracking: Survey recipients can be reminded that they have not completed a survey, or that they have an unfinished survey outstanding. If necessary, this can be completely automated so that no one can see personal information, or link responses to responder in the case of anonymous surveys.

Save and resume functionality: The in-progress survey is continually saved so that a user can resume their survey at the point where they left off.

Dynamic and customizable question sets: A single Canmark survey instrument can provide different questions based on assigned user ID, answers to previous questions, or even based on a randomization function for a modular survey approach.

Server reliability and security: Canmark servers are co-located, with independent power sources, redundant connectivity and internet backbone connections.


No matter the survey type, online, electronic, or printed reports are at your discretion.

Regardless of the specific methodologies developed for your survey, Canmark can provide Real-time or Near-real-time reporting, as well as user-defined reporting from the daily to yearly level.

Custom reporting: What you need to see, how often, and in what format are completely up to you. Canmark will never try to box you in with “canned” reporting. Canmark will work with you to push the reporting envelope.

Canmark secure reporting sites can provide more than just your data, and can include custom analytical tools, and provide for user-defined queries, reports and downloads.

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